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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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An AC Warranty Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Whether you’re thinking of buying an air conditioner or already have one, getting and maintaining a warranty for it is crucial. A warranty makes sure your system is always covered when you need repairs from pros like us.

A warranty is a written guarantee that your AC will function normally until a specific date or through its lifespan. So, why do you need a warranty? Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why an HVAC warranty is necessary:

Saving Time

A manufacturer warranty would not cover things like maintenance, especially if you’re not getting services from a certified HVAC contractor. Even with a certified contractor, you need them to declare a problem occurred in your air conditioner due to a manufacturing default.

However, you can get a combined parts and labor warranty. In case you want to sell your air conditioner, you won’t waste time troubleshooting the problems in your unit.

Saving Money

In case your air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired, you can hold the technicians responsible instead of yourself. Accountability aside, the cost of repairing or replacing your unit will fall on them instead of you. These extended parts of labor warranties can be acquired from the contractor who installed your unit.

Peace of Mind

Getting a warranty depends on your personality type. If you’re someone who likes to have some sense of security, then getting a warranty should be important to you. If you’re a seller and you have these warranties, chances are that customers will buy the product from you.

Written Guarantee

With warranties, you will have access to all the services mentioned in the document. A complete and clear list of additional and conditional services will be provided to you. With the conditions put in black & white, you will know all the details of the services available to you. Additionally, you will also be given a list of conditions that can void your warranty.

It’s very important to stick by this written guarantee and ensure you don’t do anything to void the warranty. Warranties are powerful tools for homeowners, and a manufacturer is going to look for any excuse to drop it so you have to cover the costs of repairs or replacement.

A Legal Matter

Let’s say you purchase an AC and it malfunctioned–you will then have the right to report the case in small-claims court. Of course, this should be done after you’ve given the seller a chance to fix the problem. However, knowing that you will get justice based on a piece of paper is pretty comforting on its own.

With or without an AC system warranty, you’ll need a team to trust with your needs for AC repair in Georgetown, TX. We are that team.

Let us help you with everything you need from maintenance to repairs and more. Contact Alltek Services today to learn more.

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