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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Sound the Alarm: 4 Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make


Ever since air conditioners became affordable consumer appliances, we’ve all gotten used to a certain level of comfort. Gone are days we spent fanning ourselves in the intense summer heat. The mere thought of going back must make your heart stop.

Well, the moment could be closer than you think. Many people do not have their air conditioner serviced until absolutely necessary, despite the obvious merits of doing so. Well, you may think you can ignore it just because it’s inanimate, but your AC can communicate with you if it wants to.

It can do so through sound! If your air conditioner has been especially noisy for the past few days, it’s probably telling you that there’s a problem. Address these noises with a thorough inspection and the best AC repair in Temple, TX from our team. We’ll find out what all that noise is about and deal with it.

What Do the Noises Mean?

If you’re still curious about what the noises actually mean, here are four common sounds your AC shouldn’t make and their causes.


A rattling sound could be indicative of a variety of issues. Most of the time it’s simply bolts and nuts coming loose causing the unit to vibrate louder than it’s supposed to. Rattling can also indicate an issue with the fan blades.

Another possible explanation has to do with the compressor. It’s the same problem as before, only this time the nuts that hold the compressor in place could have come loose. This will make it vibrate, creating a rattling sound.


This is a sound that you definitely can’t ignore. It is also one that you shouldn’t attempt to fix yourself. Hissing is dangerous because it could be something incredibly minuscule, or it could be a precursor to an early breakdown. The hiss could be the sound of refrigerant leaking. If that is the case, you should call a professional to look at it immediately. Overexposure to refrigerant gas can be toxic to your health. So, if you hear a hiss, do not dismiss.


Screeching sounds are very hard to miss, and usually indicate a mechanical issue. For instance, the belt around your motor might be slipping and the resulting friction is causing the noise. It could also be an issue with the bearings in the compressor or with loose fan blades scraping around their housing.

In any event, promptly scheduling an appointment with professionals who are experienced in dealing with the issue can prevent further damage to your unit.


Similar to when you hear a rattling sound, a clanking sound indicates that parts are out of their fixed positions. The sound is telling you that a part has come out of its place and is bouncing around in areas that it shouldn’t be.

If this is the case, you should switch off the air conditioner and call an expert right away. The damage could still be minimal if you consult a specialist.

Leave It to the Pros

If you got your tools out, we’re sorry to disappoint. This is as far as you should go. Knowing what the sound means is one thing, correctly identifying the underlying issue and resolving it is another. When your AC needs repairs, leave it to the pros at Alltek Services.

Contact Alltek Services today to schedule your AC repairs.

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