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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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What Are Your AC Replacement Options?


When you live around here you know there is nothing worse than hearing your air conditioner breath its last in the middle of a heatwave. If your system needs to be replaced, you likely want to get this service done before it actually stops working entirely.

Before you just schedule an air conditioning replacement in Killen you should take a moment to think about your options for your new unit because you actually have more than one. This will get you one step closer to enjoy a cool, comfortable summer season again.

Your Cooling System Options

When we say there is more than one option for you to choose from when it comes to cooling systems, we aren’t talking about fans or window units. We are talking about two key options for your whole-home cooling comfort that can do the job effectively and efficiently.

These systems are the central air conditioner and the heat pump mini-split.

The Central Air Conditioner

When most people think about an air conditioner what they picture in their mind’s eye is the central air conditioner. Comprised of both an indoor and outdoor unit that circulates refrigerant to pull heat out of the air in the home, these systems are highly effective at providing regulated temperature control throughout the entirety of the home. These systems are ideal for those who want an even temperature for the entire home while also enjoying a decent level of energy efficiency.

Heat Pump Mini Splits

Your other cooling option is the heat pump mini split. This highly energy-efficient system also uses cycled refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in your home though this is about where the similarities between the heat pump and the central AC system ends. There are several key differences that make the heat pump a unique system for your home comfort, including:

  • Heat pumps can be customized. These systems utilize a series of air handlers placed around the home to keep things cool. This allows for custom comfort because you can either run them all in tandem, or run a few according to where you really need the cool air to be.
  • Heat pumps can operate with or without ductwork. If you have ductwork your heat pump can operate with that system, or it can function without the use of ducts. This provides an extra option for those in homes that are too old or small for ductwork.
  • These systems can both heat and cool. Because heat pumps are equipped with the ability to reverse their flow of refrigerant, they can both absorb heat and remove it from the home, or absorb it from outside and pump it into the home.

If you aren’t entirely sure what system might meet your comfort needs the best, or if you know exactly which system you want to be installed, you can reach out to our team of professionals for service. We can assist with everything from system selection to installation and beyond.

Contact Alltek Services today to get started and ensure you stay cool this summer.

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