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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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What To Know About Choosing Efficient AC Systems

We all know that high energy efficiency is a good thing–especially when it comes to our monthly energy bills. After all, the higher the efficiency rating on an electrical system, the less energy it has to use to get the job done. But that doesn’t mean you always want to search for the highest efficiency rating when you choose a new air conditioner for your home.

Sounds strange right? Why wouldn’t you want to opt for the highest possible efficiency rating on your next air conditioner? We are happy to explain. Let us help you select the best AC with the right efficiency rating for your home and provide the best air conditioning service in Temple, TX to get it installed.

What to Know About AC Efficiency Ratings

When it comes to choosing your next air conditioner, you want to choose one that will operate efficiently within reason. We say this because higher efficiency ratings aren’t always the right choice for every home. Why? Because in some cases, it actually isn’t necessary. Let us give you a breakdown of what you need to know about efficiency ratings so you can understand what to look for when choosing your next cooling system.

EER and SEER Ratings

When selecting an air conditioner, you’ll need to take into account the Energy Efficiency Ratio and the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The EER rating measure how efficiently the system performs when running constantly at a single temperature, usually 95°. On the other hand, SEER determines energy efficiency to the entire season accounting for performance at a range of temperatures (65 to 104°) and takes into account energy use when the system starts and stops.

As you may have guessed, a higher efficiency rating is a good option but you may not need one with as high of a rating as you might think. For example, if your area only reaches around 83° maximum during the summer, you don’t need a system with as high of an EER rating.

Sizing Considerations

The other thing that needs to be considered when selecting an air conditioner is the sizing requirements–and no this doesn’t refer to how much space the physical unit will take up. When we speak about sizing, we are referring to is the power required to cool the amount of square footage in your home. Proper sizing takes into account the number of floors in the house along with the number of windows, doors, and other factors that will impact your comfort.

Our Team Can Help You Find the Right System

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing an air conditioner for your home. You don’t have to do this alone–nor should you! Instead, come to the team at Alltek Services for help choosing and installing the best AC unit with the best efficiency rating for your needs. You don’t have to buy the most expensive unit on the market to keep cool. Let us help you save some cash this summer.

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