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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Don’t Ignore This Heater Repair Need


Your heater is about to start working pretty hard as temperatures take a trip downward. We know it doesn’t feel like this is going to happen any time soon but cooler weather is coming and it is a good idea to be prepared for when it arrives. If you’ve already scheduled heating maintenance then you are off to a great start. However, this may not be the only service your heater needs.

If your system needs heating repair in Killeen, TX you don’t want to ignore it. This is especially true if you have one particular repair for your heating system: a cracked heat exchanger. If you aren’t sure what this problem is or why it is so dangerous, we want to give you some extra information to help keep you warm and safe.

What Is a Heat Exchanger?

Let’s start here. Why? Because we have found that the better homeowners understand their gas furnace’s operation, the better they are able to take care of it and enjoy a comfortable home in winter.

Your heat exchanger is going to be the part of your furnace responsible for heating up the air that blows into your home. It is a similar idea as the evaporator coil for your air conditioner: air blows over this part of the system and heat is added (heat is removed in the case of an AC) to warm the air and heat your home.

So what allows your heat exchanger to do this? Combustion gases that flow through this part of your system and release heat into the air.

Why a Cracked Heat Exchanger is a Big Problem

It is likely that you have already realized why a cracked heat exchanger is a problem: it is going to be leaking gas! Gas leaks are never a good thing and this is especially true when it is coming from your furnace.

Your furnace burns natural gas to create combustion gases that flow into your heat exchanger. These combustion gases are, of course, hot and that heat then transfers out of the gases and into the air surrounding the heat exchanger. This provides you with hot air but only if the heat exchanger is working correctly.

A crack in your heat exchanger can have more than one consequence including:

  • Poor heating: If the gases that heat the air in your furnace are leaking out, it will take longer to warm your home. This means poor heating comfort at a higher price.
  • Health issues: Combustion gases include things like carbon monoxide which are not good for the health of anyone in the home. The longer the leak goes undetected, the more likely residents are to become severely ill.
  • Damage to your furnace: Gas leaks aren’t just harmful to you, they also take their toll on your furnace as well. Between the added stress of having to work harder and the negative impact of the gas coming into contact with other parts of your furnace, a cracked heat exchanger can be bad news for your heater.

If you run into heating trouble later in the season, you can reach out to us for help. We offer 24-hour services because we know HVAC system problems often pop up when it is the least convenient.

For reliable services, contact Alltek Services.

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