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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Have You Scheduled Maintenance For Your Furnace?


The weather is getting colder and encouraging us to stay in our homes. We know that just about everyone is tired of being cooped up in the house but it is going to be the safest and most comfortable place to be in the coming months. This is especially true if you schedule your yearly maintenance furnace service in Waco, TX with our team as soon as you can.

We know maintenance can often come across as unnecessary but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Scheduling that annual tune-up is a great way to guarantee you’ll enjoy a warm winter without any hassle. Just make sure you have professionals like ours around to get the job done.

Can’t I Just Do the Tune-Up?

We get this question pretty often and we get that there is some serious draw to the idea of DIY-ing a “simple” service to save some cash. However, this isn’t a good idea. Allowing anyone who isn’t properly trained and licensed to perform maintenance or any other service on your heater can backfire pretty badly. This is especially true if you have a gas-fueled furnace because a screw-up can be deadly (not to mention it is illegal).

The best option you have is to schedule your annual maintenance appointment with a professional. Only a pro will be able to offer you real benefits rather than extra problems.

Okay, So Why Bother With Maintenance If I Can Just Get Repairs?

This is another common question that, again, we understand completely. Maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never need repairs. But it is still worthwhile to get this job done. Here are some reasons why:

  • Better energy efficiency: Maintenance is going to help reduce the impact that regular use has on your heater. This will help to improve its use of energy rather than losing a certain percentage of its efficiency like it usually would.
  • Fewer, more affordable repairs: While maintenance can’t prevent every repair it can keep them to a minimum. This is because a maintenance check allows a technician to address issues before they escalate into full-blown repair needs. It also means that when repairs do pop up they are often smaller and more affordable to manage.
  • A longer system lifespan: Every heater will eventually need to be replaced but that shouldn’t happen too soon after installation. You want your system to last as long as possible and maintenance will help ensure that. Instead of barely making it to the 10-year mark, maintenance is going to help your heater make it to 10 years of use and beyond which means it helps you save time and money too.
  • Improved safety: Furnaces are built to provide efficient, effective heating in a safe manner. Maintenance will help to ensure that your system is able to continue doing its job safely. Cleaning, tightening, and adjusting are all tasks done in a tune-up that can help to combat potential safety hazards that may develop otherwise.

So, have you scheduled maintenance for your furnace yet? If not, you still have time! Just reach out to us to get an appointment set up.

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