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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Your Thermostat May Need Repairs

Have you been doing battle with your heater lately? Maybe it seems like the house is always too hot or too cold. Or perhaps your thermostat seems like it just doesn’t like to respond the way it should. Whatever problems you are noticing, it culminates in having trouble keeping your home environment as warm and comfortable as you’d like and that’s just no good.

Before you have someone take a look at your heater though, it may be a good idea to see if the problem truly lies with your thermostat. Your thermostat serves as the “command center” of your home comfort systems so if something goes wrong with it, it will impact your heater’s operation.

How To Tell Something is Off With Your Thermostat

If you have an issue with the heating process for your home that originates in your thermostat, the sooner you address the problem the better. Here are some warning signs that you should reach out for thermostat repairs in the near future:

  • Your thermostat doesn’t respond to requests. When you go to turn on your thermostat and heater, or you are wanting to adjust the temperature, you should get a pretty immediate response from the system. This isn’t always the case though. If a thermostat becomes disconnected, it may not respond or may have a delay before it does.
  • The temperature is never right. A thermostat that has been miscalibrated may have trouble with sensing the temperature in the home correctly. This can lead to a house that is too hot or too cold, rather than ever feeling like it is in the right range. A technician can identify the source of the issue and get it fixed so you can enjoy the indoor environment you want.
  • Energy bills are on the rise. Ultimately a faulty thermostat is going to affect your comfort and your energy bills too. It may cause your heater to run for too long if it can’t sense that the ideal temperature has been reached, for example. As always, spiking or unnecessarily expensive bills are going to be a sign of trouble.

Know Your Upgrade Options

Let’s say that your thermostat has started to act up and is too old to be repaired. It can happen and it means that you are due for a thermostat upgrade. We can help with that, but what you will need to do is tell us which type of thermostat you’d like to install.

There is certainly more than one or two types of thermostats out there. However, you may want to consider installing a smart or Wi-fi thermostat as your next system. These thermostats can be accessed remotely on your phone or tablet. They can also offer you great opportunities for saving energy by learning your patterns and recognizing issues with your HVAC systems causing inefficiencies. You can learn more about the perks of these types of thermostats when you reach out to us.

When you need help with a thermostat or heating repair in Killeen, TX, make sure you come to the pros at Alltek Services to get the issue taken care of. Contact us today to get started.

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