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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area


Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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3 Ways to Boost Your IAQ This Season


With extra days ahead still to be spent in our homes, it is important that we do our best to ensure our comfort. Or rather, it is a good idea to work with us to make sure that your home comfort is as optimal as possible.

One factor that is going to play a large role in your comfort is going to be the quality of the air in your house. You wouldn’t want to spend an extended period of time somewhere that held too much dusty air and triggers your allergies. It makes sense that you’d want to prevent your home from becoming this kind of dusty, irritating environment.

As we said, we are here to help with this. We have some great systems that can clean up the air in your home so you can breathe easier no matter how much or how little your spend time indoors.

Why Dusty Air Is No Good

A little bit of dust in the air can be normal, especially when you are outside. However, excessive amounts of dust and other airborne debris in your home isn’t something to brush off. All of that dust is going to negatively impact your indoor air quality (IAQ) and it can affect your comfort too.

Thankfully, we have some solutions to help you tackle that extra debris in the air in your home.

3 Ways to Boost Your IAQ

No running around the house with a dust rag waving in the air won’t help you very much. Well, it may help you release some stress, but beyond that, it won’t help your IAQ. That rag can be put to better use though. Here are three ways to improve your IAQ

  1. Take a day to deep clean: It may not be “spring cleaning” season just yet but there is no wrong time to knock out a good deep clean in your home. Dusting your furniture, vacuuming, and going “ham” around your home is going to remove a lot of debris that may become airborne later to mess with your IAQ.
  2. Invest in an IAQ system: We provide IAQ systems to residents in the area for a reason. They can be a huge boost to your home’s comfort and cleanliness! We can install and maintain a whole-home air filter or air purifier in Belton, TX to help improve the air in your home.
  3. Have a pro clean your ductwork: Let’s say you just finished your deep clean of your home but you notice that dust is piling up around the house again almost immediately. This is likely because you have debris built up in your ductwork that is being blown into the home by your HVAC system. A professional can provide duct cleaning to remove this debris without causing any harm to your ductwork.

Do you need help cleaning up the air in your home? We are here to give you a hand. You can reach out to us for IAQ system installation duct services and more.

Schedule your appointment with Alltek Services today.

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