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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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How Dirty Ducts Destroy Your Comfort

If you have a duct-based cooling system like a ducted heat pump or a central air conditioner, your ductwork is vital to your home comfort. Without a great duct system, there is little point in even running your AC system because the cool air produced wouldn’t go anywhere!

But what about if you simply have dirty ductwork? A little bit of dust in the air is probably normal but an excessive amount is going to be, well, excessive. And the source of that dust may be your ductwork.

Dirty ductwork isn’t just a problem for your chore list. It is also a problem for your home comfort. That is why we provide duct cleaning in Killeen, TX to combat this problem.

Wait, my ducts can get dirty?

Yes, they can! It is almost impossible to find a home or building that is impervious to dust. Most of our homes are thankfully able to keep dust levels to a minimum. However, over time, even homes with low dust levels will start to see an impact on their comfort and indoor air quality. This is because any dust that gets into your ductwork will start to collect over time.

It can take a few years, but your ducts can collect enough debris to create a noticeable, negative impact in your home. When this happens, your best option is to put away the dust rag or vacuum and contact a professional team like ours for help.

The impact a build-up of debris can have

So what exactly can that build-up of dust, dirt, and other airborne debris do other than just sit in your ductwork? There are a few issues this collection of contaminants can cause.

  • Reduced airflow: Yes, even a small amount of dusty build-up in your ductwork can hinder airflow which will mess with your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home.
  • Reduced air quality: The more dust that collects in your ductwork the worse your air quality is going to get. This can lead to increased allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Poor efficiency: Hindered airflow and increased airborne debris is going to negatively impact your air conditioner’s level of energy efficiency. This means higher bills for less comfort!

Why should I use duct cleaning services rather than doing it myself?

So why not just clean your ducts yourself. After all, how bad can dusty ductwork be? The thing is, after multiple years of build-up, your ducts can have a hefty layer of dust inside them. Additionally, your ductwork is actually quite delicate and can easily be damaged if the wrong tools or approaches are used.

Rather than putting your ductwork at risk of harm or running to risk of dumping excessive amounts of dust in your home, you can schedule a duct cleaning service with the pros at Alltek Services. Our technicians have the right tools to carefully remove all that build-up from your ductwork without hurting them or getting your home dirty.

Contact the team at Alltek Services to get your ductwork cleaned properly this year.

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