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Sound the Alarm: 4 Noises Your AC Shouldn’t Make

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Ever since air conditioners became affordable consumer appliances, we’ve all gotten used to a certain level of comfort. Gone are days we spent fanning ourselves in the intense summer heat. The mere thought of going back must make your heart stop.

Well, the moment could be closer than you think. Many people do not have their air conditioner serviced until absolutely necessary, despite the obvious merits of doing so. Well, you may think you can ignore it just because it’s inanimate, but your AC can communicate with you if it wants to.

It can do so through sound! If your air conditioner has been especially noisy for the past few days, it’s probably telling you that there’s a problem. Address these noises with a thorough inspection and the best AC repair in Temple, TX from our team. We’ll find out what all that noise is about and deal with it.

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How Dirty Ducts Destroy Your Comfort

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

If you have a duct-based cooling system like a ducted heat pump or a central air conditioner, your ductwork is vital to your home comfort. Without a great duct system, there is little point in even running your AC system because the cool air produced wouldn’t go anywhere!

But what about if you simply have dirty ductwork? A little bit of dust in the air is probably normal but an excessive amount is going to be, well, excessive. And the source of that dust may be your ductwork.

Dirty ductwork isn’t just a problem for your chore list. It is also a problem for your home comfort. That is why we provide duct cleaning in Killeen, TX to combat this problem.

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