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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat?


When your air conditioning system starts to have trouble keeping your home cool, what is your first thought about what the cause could be? Is it a dirty filter, or maybe a broken part? What if the cause wasn’t in your air conditioner at all but instead in where it gets its commands from?

If your thermostat is having problems, it is going to mean that your AC system does too. See, your thermostat is responsible for telling your cooling system what to do and how long to do it. That is why we want to tell you about if and when you need to upgrade your thermostat and what your options are.

Signs Your Thermostat Needs an Upgrade

First things first, how can you tell if your thermostat needs to be replaced and upgraded? It may not always be straightforward but here are some signs to be aware of.

  • The temperature is never right. Do you notice that your thermostat is never really right? It could be too cold or too warm all the time but whichever it is, if you can’t get the right temperature that you are requesting from your thermostat, it might mean you need a replacement.
  • Your AC never turns on or never shuts down. When you go to turn on your cooling system and switch on your thermostat, it shouldn’t be much time until your air conditioner starts running. You have a problem though if your system either takes a long time to turn on or never turns on at all. Likewise, if your AC never stops running after you turn it on, this signals a thermostat problem, too.
  • Your thermostat is older than your AC. When was the last time you upgraded your air conditioner? If your system is younger than your thermostat, it is likely that your thermostat needs an upgrade. If you aren’t sure how old your thermostat is, a good indicator is to take a look at your thermostat and see if it is still a dial or slider system.
  • You are looking to increase your energy savings. A new thermostat, a Wi-fi or programmable thermostat, is going to optimize your energy efficiency. By offering the ability to set up programs and provide breakdowns of your energy usage, a new thermostat can help you optimize your energy efficiency and use a lot less. It can also warn you when your AC is having problems.

Your Thermostat Options

When you need a thermostat upgrade in Waco, you should know your options. Your options include:

  • A Wi-fi thermostat: A wireless or Wi-fi thermostat is going to provide you with the perk of being able to access your thermostat and control it remotely. Via an application on your phone or tablet, you can control your temperature settings and adjust the comfort in your home on your drive home.
  • A programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat can often also be controlled remotely but offers the added benefit of allowing you to create a cooling program for your home. This can mean your thermostat knows to let the temperature settings rise a bit in the evening or during the day when you are at work, and cooling things when you know you will be home.

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