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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Handling Poor Airflow From Your Heater


You can have a heater that creates heat well but if something is off with the airflow in or out of your system, your comfort isn’t going to be what it is meant to be. This is why airflow is such an important part of the heating process for your home. So what do you do when the usual flow of air just isn’t there?

Well, once you do a bit of troubleshooting, we suggest reaching out for heating repair in Waco, TX. Whether it is a bad blower fan or a clogged filter, a professional technician is going to be able to identify and address the issue.

What Causes Poor Airflow From Your Heater?

As anyone might, you likely are wondering what the potential cause of the poor airflow from your heater is. There is actually more than one possible issue that can hinder the flow of air. Here are the three most prominent issues that we can address.

  • A clogged air filter. The air filter in your heating system is meant to keep dirt and other debris out of the internal workings of your heating system. When that filter becomes clogged with all those airborne contaminants though it can actually start to hinder the flow of air into your heater. This will, of course, weaken the ability of your heater to help provide comfort to your home. If you don’t already make sure to change out your filter every 1 to 3 months, it is a good idea to start doing so.
  • A struggling blower fan. There is a fan that pulls air into your heater and one that blows it into your home. If your blower fan or a part of your blower fan motor is having trouble it will hinder that vital flow of air coming into your heater or exiting it. A technician can check your fan blades, fan motor, and other components to make sure that they work the way they should.
  • Ductwork problems. Your ductwork is responsible for delivering the warm air that your heater creates. When something goes wrong with your ductwork it will hinder your airflow too. Make sure to contact us to address problems within your ductwork like dirty build-up, leaks, or breaks.

The Problems That Poor Airflow Creates

So what is the big deal with poor airflow strength from your heater? It can seriously mess with your comfort, drive up your energy bills, and stress your heating system. Altogether this adds up to mean less comfort for a higher price tag and that is no good!

How We Can Help

So, what is the best way to address poor airflow into or out of your heating system? You can reach out to our team for help. We can change out or clean your air filter. We can adjust, lubricate, and tighten the parts of your blower fan that needs it. We can replace broken fan blades. And we can seal up leaky ducts.

When you need professional heating services, come to Alltek Services. Contact us today.

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