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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Here’s How Duct Sealing Can Help You This Winter!


Surely, you understand just how important your heater is when temperatures outside start to drop — but, what if we told you that there was another component of your HVAC system that is equally as important? That’s right: we’re talking about your ductwork system! Yes, that metal system within your walls plays a huge role in keeping you comfortable.

See, it’s quite important that your ducts are properly sealed, and below, we’ll explain why. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more (oh, and of course, remember to call our team when you need heating repair in Killeen, TX.)

How Do You Know if You’ve Got Leaky Ducts?

There are quite a few signs that suggest you’ve got leaky air ducts in your home such as:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Hot or cold spots in some rooms
  • Low airflow from the vents
  • High energy bills and a heater that runs constantly

So, How Can Duct Sealing Help?

Investing in duct sealing services is beneficial to you and your heater for a number of reasons:

Increased Comfort

When your air ducts are leaking, you may begin to notice that there are cool spots popping up all over your home. This can make you quite uncomfortable during a chilly winter day, as warm air is unable to circulate throughout every area of your home. But when you invest in duct sealing, you can be sure that warm air makes it where it’s supposed to be going.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Leaky air ducts can allow all sorts of indoor air contaminants that have settled inside your ducts into your home. These contaminants can lead to all sorts of problems for your health, including heightened allergy symptoms and frequent illness. Therefore, investing in duct sealing is a great way to keep these contaminants out of your indoor air.

Lower Energy Bills

Did you know that 30% of warm air can escape through faulty ducts? That’s a whole lot of wasted energy! Of course, you don’t want to pay more than you should have to keep comfortable. Therefore, investing in duct sealing services is a great way to cut back on monthly spending.

Reduced Heater Repairs

When you’ve got leaky ducts in your home, your heater has to work much harder than normal to circulate warm air throughout your home. All this extra use can put a ton of strain on the system, leading to costly repairs, which is definitely not something you want! But, when you schedule duct sealing services, you won’t have to worry about your heater breaking down during the time of year you need it most.

Call in a Professional

Be sure to hire a professional for your duct sealing services, as only a professional has the tools, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right the first time around!

To learn more about the benefits of duct sealing, or to schedule your services, contact the experts at Alltek Services Heating & Air Conditioning. Service with Pride & Quality Craftmanship.

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