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Serving the Greater Central Texas Area

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Your Business’s Air Quality Matters!

Air quality is one of the most important factors for human beings to function at their maximum efficiency. The same is the case for business air quality, which determines the people who work for you, the customers you get, and impacts the profits you make.

Here are three reasons why your business’s air quality matters!

Reduced Productivity Due to Air Pollution

Productivity is the key to maximizing employee performance and hence the money your business makes. Bad air quality can affect cognition which brings down productivity, significantly affecting the bottom line of your business.

Concentration levels are influenced by the air we breathe every day at work. Just because you have a closed-off office does not mean that you are safe from the atrocities of air pollutants. Many of the toxins present in the air take time to wear off, such as the inflammation caused in the brain by fine dust. To take care of these pesky particles inside your premises, it is best to invest in a commercial HVAC system.

And the problems with a building’s air quality do not end there. You are also exposed to the gases and chemicals as well that are emitted from various liquids or solids such as paints, cooking smoke, and tobacco smoke. These gases, alongside CO2, make life difficult for workers trying to concentrate on multitasking or ensuring effective communication. Everything combined means that less work gets done in the office.

Higher Absenteeism and Sick Leaves Due to Bad Air Quality

Apart from the cognitive implications, indoor and outdoor contaminants present in the air at your business premises can worsen existing health problems and even lead to new medical issues. Keeping projects on schedule could be hard if people are regularly calling in sick. It also creates a weird environment at the office, which may also contribute to the motivation of employees.

A popular discussion related to indoor air quality is the Sick Building Syndrome. As the name suggests, this is an ailment experienced by people working inside a particular building. Unsurprisingly, the problem is commonly linked to air quality in the building. If multiple employees at your business have reported such problems, it is time to invest in a powerful commercial HVAC system. This will better the working conditions for current employees and make it easier to attract new employees.

Makes It Hard to Retain Talented Employees

Air pollution indoors can be harmful beyond the effects it has on your cognitive function. SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) is another problem that may result from working in buildings with highly contaminated air quality. Instances of workers dealing with SBS can be vastly reduced by reducing the number of contaminants in the air, such as VOCs. The best way to so is to invest in a commercial HVAC system.

Employees need to feel valued by their employers, the condition of the place they work at plays a big part in how they feel about their employees. Everyone would like to work at a place where their wellness and health are given priority. Especially for people with a lot of talent and experience, they could find other places with better creature comforts to work at.


Indoor air quality can create issues for people working at your business and makes it hard to retain good employees. It may even impact the amount and type of customers you find.

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